From: Curtis Johnson
Date: Feb 7 1998 1:23:42 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting to Curtis Johnson <=-

> Is that chromium mine in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana
> still open?

mk> That's not a mine, that's just a pile of cars and motorcycles that ran
mk> off the Beartooth Pass (the second most beautiful -- and deadly --
mk> drive in America).

Anyone using that pass should take a few minutes to stop at
the lookout.
I've been on those switchbacks a few times--it's probably
an open question as to whether it's scarier for the driver or the
passenger.  But there's worse roads out West, such as the one out
of Lovell, Wyoming up to the Medicine Wheel (which offers a view
across the entire Big Horn Basin).  There's even some one-lane
dirt road wonders that climb canyons.

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