From: Curtis Johnson
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 25 1998 10:23:58 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting J. Shaughnessy to Martin Goldberg <=-

MG>> you have any evidence that the author meant anything other
MG>> than the specific words written there?  Or are you making
MG>> another wild assed guess?

JS> And I know that that scripture does in no way mean dancing with
JS> snakes and drinking jugs of cyanide.

MG> I read your post.  You did not answer the question.

MG> How do you know these things.  What is your evidence.

MG> Remember, that in no book is a wild assed guess considered evidence.

JS> Read it yourself or are you afraid??? are.... but if by
JS> chance you find enough manhood in your brain to pick up the bible..
JS> read the scripures.. and tell me if it says what I say it is saying
JS> compared to what the dork is saying...

You didn't even need to pick up the New Testament yourself.
I posted the verses from the end of GMark to you.
GMark 16:17-18.  The last words of Jesus before becoming
an astronaut.

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