From: Curtis Johnson
To: Steve Quarrella
Date: Oct 12 1997 8:43:40 am
Subject: Xmas [3/3]
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-=> Quoting Steve Quarrella to Curtis Johnson <=-

SQ> On 2 Oct 97 07:15am, Curtis Johnson wrote to Fredric Rice:

CJ>      Yeh, I archive my messages against the likes of Jim
CJ>  Germiquet.  Takes some searching, though--I have to get a
CJ>  decent text database program!

SQ>'ve got me wondering if I could put my HOLYSMOKE archives up
SQ> against something like Folio Views's text search engine...

I haven't heard much of anything at all about Folio View.
I do want something which can assign key words--the way something
like a HOLYSMOKE archive grows, one would want some means of breaking
it up into sub-files, preferably by some other means than by date.
One of these near days I want to obtain ROBOMAIL, which is
supposed to be QWK, BLUEWAVE, and I-net compatible, and which maintains
a database.  I'd like to see if the database is propriatory, or if
it can categorize only by headers (trying to look up a message by
the subject line here in HOLYSMOKE would most often be hopeless!).
I've heard very nice things about Lotus's Magellan for DOS,
but of course it's been years since that software's been manufactured.

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