From: Curtis Johnson
To: Steve Hayes
Date: Sep 28 1997 5:38:22 am
Subject: Festivals
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-=> Quoting Steve Hayes to Curtis Johnson <=-

SH> not found any of the secondary sources that make such assertions
SH> pointing to a primary source that backs them up.

CJ>  The dots are not all that hard to connect.

SH> No, they are not.

SH> But if you connect them a different way, you get a different picture.
SH> And the kind of picture people get from connecting the dots usually
SH> owes a lot to their own presuppositions and frame of reference.

If one changed only the names, this would clear away such
presuppositions and frame of reference.    I submit that the
result would then be "Of course; isn't it obvious?"
Of course, this would do nothing for the presuppostion
that "My religion has to be unique in each and every way, because
--because it's *my* religion."  I trust this is not true for you.

Add to my previous "dots" that the Saturnalia was
celebrated on intercalary days, and that the twelve days from
Dec. 25 to Jan. 6 (the latter was also regarded as a nativity
date) match the intercalary dates that have to be inserted
when a lunar calendar is used.
Also, "the world-turned-upside-down" celebrating is
typical world-wide of intercalary days, and this was exactly
the time of that great medieval institution, the Feast of Fools.

My finger's well enough now for me to keyboard that
entry I promised you.  Look for it in this packet.  Sadly,
Conybeare says nothing about the Saturnalia angle, but the
Mithraic angle looks solid.

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