From: Bob Eyer
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Jan 26 1998 10:06:00 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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Johnson to Shaughnessy, 1-25-98:
MG> Remember, that in no book is a wild assed guess considered

JS> Read it yourself or are you afraid??? are.... but if by
JS> chance you find enough manhood in your brain to pick up the bible..
JS> read the scripures.. and tell me if it says what I say it is saying
JS> compared to what the dork is saying...

> You didn't even need to pick up the New Testament yourself.
> I posted the verses from the end of GMark to you.
> GMark 16:17-18.  The last words of Jesus before becoming
> an astronaut.

According to the official Greek edition (UBS 3, UBS 4) published
by Kurt Aland and colleagues, and a great many New Testament
scholars, all the material after Mark 16.8 was not written by the
author of Mark, but was interpolated into the Gospel long after
the author died.

My impression is that most university Bible scholars consider the
correct ending of Mark to be the 8th verse of Chapter 16.  See
W.G.  Kummel, Introduction to the New Testament, 100-101.  See
also R.J.  Miller, ed., The Complete Gospels, 453-455.

Biblical scholars largely came to this conclusion toward the end
of the last century, as a result of the discovery of two NT Greek
manuscripts older than any that had previously been known:
Vaticanus (located in the Vatican Library, but ignored by the
Catholic Church until the German scholar Tischendorf realised that
it revealed both the Protestant and Catholic 'textus receptus' to
have been peppered with late forgeries) and Sinaiticus (found in
the Sinai Peninsula).  These two mss.  are the only ones which
date as early as the 4th century.

Modern English editions of the Bible (RSV, NIV, NRSV) point out
that the material after Mark 16.8 is not found in the earliest
mss.  There are three major interpolations:  The one usually
found in the KJV is known as the Longer Ending.  It is probably
a forgery.

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