From: Hal White
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Aug 12 1998 5:47:00 pm
Subject: Salt
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-> HW> Day is busy exemplifying hubris,
-> Thanks, I figure you might enjoy it.

CJ> Quite time-consuming, though--it takes him only a couple
-> of seconds to make an erroneous statement, many minutes to fact-
-> check it.

That is one reason I've cut back with DB.  The other is
imperviousness to correction.  (the only change I've noted
in that the master group are not called  (by DB) Aryans,  and they now
seem as often (also) identified as yeomen farmers.
I was also interested to see that DB, though debating Gibbon,
does not possess a copy.  Sort of like debating the Bible
without a copy.
I'm back and well from "cottage country" (Ontario, n. of Kingston)


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