From: Sue Armstrong
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Feb 13 1998 10:49:09 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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Making a good dice roll, Curtis Johnson cast doubting gods at Sue Armstrong
- and all hell broke loose.

CJ>  IIRC, it *wasn't* Lao-tse.  Definitely Taoist, though.

SA> It _might_ have been Chuang-Tzu, who wrote a lot more than
SA> "Lao-Tzu".  Don't take that as gospel, though - it could well have

CJ> BINGO!  I'm pretty sure that's it!
CJ> Thanks.  With the tension of trying to remember, my tongue
CJ> was curled up like a coiled spring. . .

Again, I'm _not sure_, and still haven't had a chance to root
through the books.  Worse, the edition I have is annoying because it
insists on footnotes and explanations within the text.  Having
someone EXPLAIN these writings rather goes against the point, and
it's counterproductive to rely on someone else's take on it, anyway.

SA> If some Christian, say, ever thought to fuck up a Taoist by saying
SA> Lao-Tzu didn't exist, he'd be in for a nasty shock and a very long,
SA> convoluted philosophical discourse that the Christian would have no
SA> hope of following.

CJ> 	Surely you don't think the fundies had any hope of following the
CJ> interesting stuff I quoted out of this thread?

Given Shaggy's reply to this, I'd say not.  As I suspected, he
completely missed the point.


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