From: Sue Armstrong
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Feb 13 1998 10:28:06 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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Making a good dice roll, J. Shaughnessy cast doubting gods at Sue Armstrong
- and all hell broke loose.

KT> It's actually an ancient Chinese (Taoist to be precise) saying.
KT> Much older than that.

JS> Nice to see this old post of mine made its round throught the more
JS> intellectual here....

Cripes, there are very few around here who're less intellectual than
you are.

SA> If some Christian, say, ever thought to fuck up a Taoist by saying
SA> Lao-Tzu didn't exist, he'd be in for a nasty shock and a very long,
SA> convoluted philosophical discourse that the Christian would have no
SA> hope of following.

JS> I believe he lived!!!!!

JS> I also believe that he died!!!!

So did Jesus.  So what?

JS> (does this qualify for a very long convoluted philsopical discouse)
JS> ?



... Never meddle in the affairs of wizards, especially simian ones.
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