To: John Brawley
Date: Nov 5 1997 6:53:37 am
Subject: Just in case you didn't see this
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From: (J.J. Hitt)
Subject: Just in case you didn't see this
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Laurie Appleton sez:

>PT>  Has anyone here been to one of the "debates"? I bet a lot of
>PT>  people would like to know what really happened at them.

>  John Brawley here claims that he has been to at least two of
>them and he has confirmed that the Creationists win because
>of their "Canny State Presence" (the words used by Niles
>Eldredge). Brawley says that this means the Creationists are
>good debaters and the evolutionists are generally rather

J.J. Hitt (Houston, TX)

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