From: Alec Grynspan
To: Laurie Appleton
Date: Sep 17 1998 12:41:02 am
Subject: Evil God-Haters.
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LA> justly put to death, because they believe that he had
LA> committed crimes worthy of death, is necessarily
LA> "concurring" with what was done and, as the elders and
LA> leaders of the Jews said at the time, "His blood be on us
LA> and our children"!


Only perverts make that claim.

LA>    Certainly the Roman ruler in question, explicitly
LA> declared Jesus to have done nothing worthy of death and
LA> "washed his hands before them" and declared himself
LA> innocent of the blood of this just man.

Actually, the Roman ruler in question never saw Jesus.

The Jesus of the bible was a myth.

LA>    So what about you? Do you side with the Roman Pontius
LA> Pilate, or do you take the side of those who effectively
LA> forced Pilate to allow them to have Jesus put to death?

The Idumenas, who later renounced their Hebraism and became the
cornerstone of Xtianity?


You're ignorant here as well.

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