From: Fredric Rice
To: Alan Presley
Date: Sep 22 1997 7:44:30 am
Subject: cults
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> JH>  The Roamin' Catholic Church was the only Christian game in
> JH>  town for 1500 years.

> Wrong, buddy.  the Roman Catholic Church didn't come into the
> picture until the 4th or 5th century.  Christianity was here
> in the 1st.  In the bible, I just see Christians.  I don't see
> Roman Catholics.

Good grief.  You should learn the history of a cult before you join it,
Alan.   <DARWIN><

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he said, 'But I'm going to do it myself. You won't have to touch me.'
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-- Debra Murphree refering to Jimmy Swaggart
(Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

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