From: Dana Post
To: Alan Presley
Date: Sep 6 1997 11:11:48 am
Subject: cults
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AP> I am not going to join a cult, and Christianity is not a cult.

JV> the word... Cults ask their members to throw away all logic,

ap> I haven't thrown away knowledge and logic, you have.

Isn't the fact that you can't come up with evidence for your bizarre
beliefs telling you a little something about them?

Your mistaken religious beliefs about genetics and "psyhics" prove that
you have set aside reason and knowledge in favor of a religious
superstition.   <DARWIN><

~*~  If I plagiarize further it's because I stand upon the shoulders
of those great who came before me. - Fredric Rice, August 1997

* Origin: Hatred is _not_ a "family value." (1:218/890)