From: Fredric Rice
To: Relatif Tuinn
Date: Mar 12 1998 10:41:11 am
Subject: Star Goat! / Swaggart
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JS>>> Your choice! I choose God! What is it you choose?
rt>>> Intelligence.
FR>> Well said, brother Relatif!
rt>> Don't thank me, thank Goat, for he was my inspiration.
FR> Ah!  A fellow Goatee!  When did you become Saved, brother?

rt> I've always been saved, I just didn't know it brother.
rt> I wuz an chozen wun.

Glory be to Star Goat!  Pass the ketchup!

FR>> It's gotten really bad here in the United States were _money_
fr>> motivates> the Christian priesthood into maintaining poor
fr> education among its followers.
rt>> Praise the Lard!
FR> And pass the collection plate!  Amen!

rt> This is toooooo easy. Amen!

"I became a priest and haven't worked a day since." -- Paraphrase.

FR> We have us here one Jimmy Swaggart, one Oral Roberts, one Billy Ghram,
FR> one Jim Bakker, and a thousand others...  every one of them caught with
FR> their their hands in someone's purse, their dick up some boy's ass,
FR> some other criminal or marginal activity.  And their sheep continue
FR> pay them money regardless of what they do and how often they're caught.

rt> Ah, but they have to forgive him. Its one of the conditions of
rt> entrance to heaven.

Yep, no matter what.

rt> It's easy to forgive people if you think you're gonna get a
rt> pot of gold out it. This simplemindedness is driven by basic
rt> selfishness.

Hell, half of the victims "forgive" their priesthood and the other half
(non-believers) aren't even asked for forgiveness...  it's just assumed.

FR> Witness Jim Staal in this forum.  He continues to worship Jimmy
FR> Swaggert.

rt> I'm sure Mr. Swaggert would love him to come over (his butt cheeks).

Jimmy Bakker was quite the ass man, yes.   <DARWIN><

~*~  Are you _sure_ that your appearance is the real reason for
your enforced celibacy? - jonny vee

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