From: Fredric Rice
To: Jim Staal
Date: Mar 10 1998 3:44:28 pm
Subject: Star Goat! / Swaggart
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FR> We have us here one Jimmy Swaggart, one Oral Roberts, one Billy Ghram,
FR> one Jim Bakker, and a thousand others...  every one of them caught
FR> with their their hands in someone's purse, their dick up some boy's
FR> ass,

ijs>  Jerk! Evidence of this libelous claim?

Where's that list of "special rights" you claimed homosexuals want, bigot?   <DARWIN><

~*~  "The residential apartment complex's first floor was leveled in the
earthquake...crushing many penises in the process." - Steve Rose

* Origin: Hatred is _not_ a "family value." (1:218/890)