From: Fredric Rice
To: Relatif Tuinn
Date: Mar 2 1998 8:37:03 pm
Subject: Star Goat! / Swaggart
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JS>> Your choice! I choose God! What is it you choose?
rt>> Intelligence.
FR> Well said, brother Relatif!

rt> Don't thank me, thank Goat, for he was my inspiration.

Ah!  A fellow Goatee!  When did you become Saved, brother?

FR> It's gotten really bad here in the United States were _money_
FR> motivates the Christian priesthood into maintaining poor
FR> education among its followers.

rt> Praise the Lard!

And pass the collection plate!  Amen!

FR> A well-educated populace is a secular populace and a secular
FR> populace doesn't give their money to known frauds.

rt> No argument here.

We have us here one Jimmy Swaggart, one Oral Roberts, one Billy Ghram,
one Jim Bakker, and a thousand others...  every one of them caught with
their their hands in someone's purse, their dick up some boy's ass, or
some other criminal or marginal activity.  And their sheep continue to
pay them money regardless of what they do and how often they're caught.

Witness Jim Staal in this forum.  He continues to worship Jimmy Swaggert.

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