From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Feb 20 1998 1:54:51 pm
Subject: Predation among Christain death cultists
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FR> It's not called a death cult for no reason, idiot lunatic.
>> Sticks and stones freddy bones!
>> Your choice! I choose God! What is it you choose?
ML> Logic, science, reality and rationality.

jbs> Logic ...yep God is indeed the creator of logic
jbs> Science.... Created it too!
jbs> Reality.... Here is the issue we can debate...
jbs> rationality...  I doubt that when we do debate reality you will have
jbs> any!


Do you have any evidence for any of your gods and goddesses, dear?

ML> Unfortunately, your choice obviates all these.

jbs> In your mind!

Education precludes religion.

ML> ...Are all idiots theists or are all theists idiots?

jbs> You were wrong the first time you said
jbs> it and you confirmed it on the second!

Nearly all Christians are exactly like you are.

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