From: Fredric Rice
Date: Feb 8 1998 12:22:01 pm
Subject: Alan Presley's Racist Bigotry and Electronics
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Em> Could be.  I just looked at the 2-year old RCA here;
Em> it was assembled in Mexico.  No wonder the sound is
Em> garbled.

>> Alan Presley would tell you that it would be in a lot better shape
>> of some of it's components had been English.

em> English as in British?

Alan stated that the introduction of white Anglo genes into the Mexican
gene pool is the only thing that's going to "save" Mexicans since the
Mexican gene pool is "shrinking" some how.  (As is evdenced by Alan's
statement that all Mexicans look alike.)

So if you have a Mexican radio, it needs some "white-man" electronic
parts to fix it.

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