From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 26 1998 12:35:17 pm
Subject: doubting the gods
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jbs> I will pray for you ....I am sure your Deamons will love that!

FR> Your Christanic threats and curses are wasted upon the better
FR> educated, silly.  Since we know that your petty voodoo threats and
FR> curses have no effect, al that remains is your insanity further
FR> exposed.

jbs> The truth is a thin line fred...

Only to people who must sacrifice the truth to retain a known false
belief in a known false superstition.  As for the better educated, the
line between truth and falsehood is evidence.

Now we both know you don't really believe in your myths and we both
know that you don't have any evidence for any of your myths even if
you actually did believe in them.

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