From: Steven Bishop Jones
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 18 1998 11:01:34 am
Subject: Job 13 sends you to your Goddess Hel
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AN> Job 13 sends you straight to your Goddess Hel, dear.  Since you
AN> weren't allowed to read it, I would suggest that you grab a copy of
AN> mythologies, run off and hide somewhere, and try to read it before you
AN> get caught.

jbs> If you are so determined that I read that portion of the Word
jbs> why not write it out here in this echo... You do have a copy
jbs> of that book don't you???

We're talking about the Christanic mythologies, idiot.  Your masters
haven't allowed you to actually read it so I'm not at all surprised that
you have no idea what it says.   <DARWIN><

~*~  Would that seem to say that a wife-beater and murderer is a better
role model than a lesbian??? - Jim Staal, evil Christan bigot

* Origin: Hatred is _not_ a "family value." (1:218/890)