From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 12 1998 12:31:05 pm
Subject: Lying sack of Jesus
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FR> Names, death cultist.  You claimed that I had taught some unnamed
FR> people to hate gods some how.  Since it is your claim, you may provide
FR> names.

FR> Is there some reason why you couldn't?

jbs> The names are there fred...

Where, dear?  Not a single one of your messages has offered even _one_

jbs> But in no different terms when you post your basic statements
jbs> most hear read know it, I know it...

<laughing!>  Try again only this time use English.  (If you mean to type
"here" rather than "hear," here's another embarrassing correction for you.)

jbs> They learn how to give some answers from readign how you
jbs> answer...

Your master's claim was that I was teaching people to hate some gods
some where.  You unthinkingly repeated your masters' lies so you get to
be called on it.


jbs> Names fred?  look on the list of those
jbs> will find the names.

_Who's_ postings, you idiot?  Provide at least _one_ name of someone I
have "taught" to hate any god or goddess.

Well?  You didn't lie, did you?   <DARWIN><

~*~  Ah, but you forget..  To a Christian, the Bible is made up
of facts, even if they are biblical ones. - Ken Young

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