From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 12 1998 12:24:32 pm
Subject: Lying sack of Jesus
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FR> And provide _names_, you lying sack of Jesus.

jbs> Hehehehe  :-*

You mouthed off Christanic lies and can't come up with _one_ name to
back it up.  Doesn't that tell you a little something about what it means
to be a Christian?

jbs> And I find I am standing with you in what you are being
jbs> told about Christianity. There is a lot of garbage out there.

FR> Try again only this time use English.

Well?   <DARWIN><

~*~  Don't take me for an idiot...please...because I am NOT an idiot.
- Joanna Amren (Defending Christanic Creationism myths)

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