From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 12 1998 12:17:25 pm
Subject: Teaching to hate non-existant deity constructs
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jbs> You have taught so many to hate God even more than they would
jbs> have ever thought, to the position of not even being sure why....

FR> Do you have any evidence that I have "taught" anyone to hate gods?
FR> want names, if you would please.  I want to be sure that they remember
FR> me come Christmas time.

jbs> I have mentioned before about the  WE  and the REST OF US...
jbs> That brings you into an unspoken agreement with the others (they
jbs> being the REST) assuming that others are reading your posts
jbs> correct?

Translation:  You have no names to offer as evidence of your Christanic
lies and you are desperately attempting to cover up your embarrassment.

Your master's claim was that I have taught someone to hate some gods.
Why is it you death cultists are incapable of admitting to lies even after
they have been repeatedly rubbed into your face?

jbs> Not to mention common rheteric and simular answers which mostly
jbs> come from you since you have been here some time and others come
jbs> and go.  They Learn your tactics fred.

"Simular..."  HolySmoke is a simulation now, huh?  <rofl!>

The better educated learn from _history_, _science_, books...  you know:
education!  I'm sure that your masters would love for you to pretend that
I -- or anyone else -- is as supernaturally powerful as your fictional
deity constructs yet you must realize that this freakish belief of yours
is yet another manifestation of the avenue of pathology your occultism has
taken.   <DARWIN><

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