From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 12 1998 12:11:10 pm
Subject: What it means to be a Christian today
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FR> You seem unwilling to reword your poorly constructed rant so that the
FR> rest of us can discern what freakish claim it was you were trying to
FR> make.

Strange...  You "forgot" to quote your illiterate rant for some curious
reason.  If you would like, I could reproduce your rant inasmuch as I
always archive every message which comes into my office.

Just ask.

jbs> Hehhehehehe   badly worded or reject it all
jbs> I understand that!!!

In fact psychologists call what you typed "verbal salad."  It was not at
all discernable.  Once you reword your rant into something approaching
English, then I will be able to soundly debunk it for you again.

jbs> But what I get a kick out of you is your statements of WE or REST
jbs> OF US always talking in the plural...I find you either have a
jbs> multiple personality disorder or  you are speaking for others who
jbs> are unable to speak  for themselves... Tell me which is it Fred?

That's a curious accusation coming from someone who attempts to include
his intellectual and moral superiors in with his sweaty Alpha Male

Since your illiterate, disjointed rant was not phrased according to any
discernable rules of English, it's not at all possible for anyone else
to have accurately decoded your verbal salad.

jbs> that you have in response, till you get frustrated.

FR> That's strange...  you "forgot" to offer any specifics.
FR> Being a Christian means first and foremost lying to oneself, I see.

jbs> I am lying!

I know you are.  You're unthinkingly mouthing off the lies your masters
programmed into you because you lack the intelligence to think up lies
for yourself.   <DARWIN><

~*~  Look to God! - Brad Jackson
Well at least let me put a robe on first... - god

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