From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 12 1998 11:41:03 am
Subject: The Big, Bloody Picture
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jbs> While it is true that many of your statements about cultist groups
jbs> do hold various amounts of truth, you still miss the bigger
jbs> picture.

FR> Let's see what that "big picture" entails, shall we?   Which death
FR> cult holds the dictinction of haveing the highest body count and the
FR> most amount of blood on its hands.  Which death cult's priesthood
FR> holds the dictinction for being the single largest "profession" which
FR> sexually rapes children?

jbs> Not Christians... maybe religious folks for 1000 years
jbs> ago...but you live in those realms dont ya Fred...

Welp, you managed to get 0 out of 3 correct.

Yes, dear, _Christians_.  The big picture really shows what Christianity
has ment to an innocent humanity and what it currently means.  All of the
denials and wishful thinking won't simply make the history of your own
death cult simply disappear.

Look at what Christianity has done to you and then you'll see why your
death cult rapes children without any moral compunction at all.   <DARWIN><

~*~  In the beginning was the Word...  -  Steve Bedard
And the word is destroy the non-believers...  -  Dan Ceppa

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