From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 12 1998 11:39:00 am
Subject: Doubting the gods
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jbs> I have been browsing over the various messages here and have only
jbs> one question... for you and all the other doubting god haters.

FR> Isn't it strange how the better educated constantly ask questions of
FR> the cultists among us and, while we rarely get an honest answer, said
FR> cultists seem to feel no compunction against asking their own
FR> questions?

Golly.  No answer for some curious reason.  You must be a Christian.

jbs> I find it amusing that you see the Athiest as the better educated...

FR> The death cultist didn't answer my question.  Gee.  Wonder why.

jbs> Right Jesus the "EVIL ONE"   yup!

And yet once again the death cultist "forgot" to answer the question.

jbs> While it is true that many of your statements about cultist groups
jbs> do hold various amounts of truth, you still miss the bigger
jbs> picture.

FR> Let's see what that "big picture" entails, shall we?

FR> Which death cult holds the dictinction of haveing
jbs>                                          ^^^^^^
jbs> (Wow  I cought you in a typo Fred    aint it amazng how it
jbs> comes back to you????  Then again you will say somthing like
jbs> I added the"e"  so you can cover your mistake...)

That's one way to avoid the embarrassing truth, I suppose.  In fact I
recognize the improper addition of the extra 'e' and, unlike you, will
learn from the mistake.

Let's not forget, however, your desperate need to dishonestly ignore
the subject.   <DARWIN><

~*~  I am a Baptist but go to a Pennecostal school (please execus
me if the spelling is not right...) - Wade Williamson

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