From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 12 1998 11:36:15 am
Subject: Doubting the gods
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FR> Greetings!  Have you acquired an education in anything since you
FR> were last run out of HolySmoke by the blinding light of truth?

Indeed it would appear that even learning how to spell even simple words
is something you're unwilling to do.  When faced with an embarrassment so
mundane, it's no wonder the hurt and anger drives your resentment deeper
when your occult superstitions are so easilly debunked.

And it _is_ easy.

jbs> Hehehehe...Fred know you and your gang hear could
jbs> never run me out of here.

FR> In fact you were at least twice.  You hold the honor of being the
FR> first fundy which was ejected for being an asshole.  As you can see,
FR> since we have allowed you to remain, we have lowered our standards
FR> somewhat so that we may continue to expose the evil that is
FR> Christianity -- by allowing Christians to mouth off their own words.

jbs> Hehehehe   what was that about lying Fred!   hehehe   :)

There has yet to be a Christian who wasn't first and foremost someone
who was lying desperately to himself.  The better educated understand
the reasons why delusional theists contrive their fantasies and most will
suggest that a delusion isn't a lie; I'll opine that willful ignorance
and superstition, coupled to slavery to men, _is_ lying.   <DARWIN><

~*~  The politically correct term is "Westernization."  See, when we
export Levis and McDonnald Hamburgers around the world, it's a
ploy to also sneak in Michael Jackson and Madonna thus weakening
the moral fibre of our enemy nations to the point where we can
sneak in fundamentalist Christianity. - Fredric Rice

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