From: Fredric Rice
To: Richard Smith
Date: Jan 5 1998 7:00:55 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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js> Hi again Freddie!

rs> Man, she sure does like you a lot!

I think she _fears_ me a great deal.

FR> Greetings!  Have you acquired an education in anything
FR> since you were last run out of HolySmoke by the blinding
FR> light of truth?

js> Hehehehe...Fred know you and your gang hear

<laughing!>  I didn't even bother to read the nut's ranting.  Now I
see I missed a good one.

rs> If we're part of your gang, Fredric, we oughtta have cool
rs> jackets or something . . .

That would be a great idea!

js> could never run me out of here.

rs> After all, we've only done it twice . . . thankfully, this
rs> loon appears to be a homing pigeon . . .

She really wants to pretend that none of us what her here.  <rofl!>

js> While it is true that many of your statements about
js> cultist groups do hold various amounts of truth, you
js> still miss the bigger picture.

rs> That Joanne's a loon here to entertain us, right?

Yep.  That's the whole of the big picture.

js> To me and most balanced Christians

rs> Stop the presses . . . we've found the replacement phrase
rs> for Real True Xtian [tm].  I'm going to trademark Balanced
rs> Xtian [tm] myself and avoid the rush . . .

Good luck finding one.  }:-}

jbs> that is incredibly sad and it sickens me. Even the most
jbs> recent being that group from Taiwan whos leader is
jbs> taking a bunch to Garland Tx to wait for God to arrive
jbs> in a Space ship (who will happen to look just like the
jbs> cults leader)... The Guy is sick and a total lunatic.

And yet is no different than the lunatic rants she spews.

rs> Is Joanne practicing medicine without a license?  The guy in
rs> Garland has just as much evidence and argument for his
rs> religious beliefs as Joanne does . . . ergo, they are
rs> contemporaries/equals/peers.

There's no difference that's worth any notice.  I asked this ignorant
shit what difference there is between his occult lunatic beliefs and that
of someone who worships the North Wind.  Curiously the shit couldn't come
up with any.

* Origin: Hatred is _not_ a "family value." (1:218/890)