From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 4 1998 1:32:15 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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FR> When you were indoctrinated into the Christanic death cult, you lost
FR> your ability to think critically and rationally.  I can understand why
FR> your masters would want you to pretend it's the will of the gods to
FR> remain stump stupid since education precludes religious occultism.

Perhaps you should read that again.  It's important.

jbs> I have no master but my God in whom I trust He is my lord and savior!

You worship a paper idol which men programmed you with.  You worship
the men who wrote the Christanic mythologies and you worship the men who
sold it to you.

jbs> The Bible says that God wants all men to repent
jbs> and come to the real knowledge of Him.

The Christian mythologies also claim that bats are birds, that rabbits
chew their cud, that dead people get up and walk.


jbs> Again I will say I agree with you that there are way to many
jbs> religions that confuse the world more than teach truth...but
jbs> that is one of the unfortunate facts of living in a world full
jbs> of people who miss God.

Welcome to the Christanic death cult.

Have any evidence for these gods of yours?  Any at all?

jbs> I actually feel sorry for most people who learn of these other
jbs> religions... especially those who are seeking for truth but find
jbs> sick leaders who lead them into error.

Look at what the death cult has done to you.

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