From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 4 1998 1:25:35 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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JS> We Christians call it witnessing of something greater than
JS> ourselves...
FR> Great ignorance and poor education, yes.

jbs> again with the educated....  (Yawn)

You seem to be resentful of the fact, yes.

JV> You try to witness to me, fuckchops, and I'll call on the demons in
JV> your head to halt your respirations and have them also cease blood
JV> flow to your diseased skull.

jbs> Mere demonic threats can do nothing but
jbs> state the truth of who you are!

FR> <laughing!>  The demons inside your head are _yours_, you idiot!  The
FR> better educated don't believe in your gods no matter what names you
FR> nuts give them.

jbs> The only demons that are around me have
jbs> long ago knelt down before the King of Kings.

More sweaty, sadomasocistic, homoerotic fantasies, I see.

Have any evidence for these sodomites of yours?

jbs> And let me clue you in on something fred,

I already know you're an idiot, dear.

jbs> and consider it the one issue I will sincerely giving warning about...

As we both have discovered together, your pathetic homoerotic threats
are wasted upon the better educated.  You may think your ugly Christanic
hatred at me all you wish yet I can assure you that your occult curses
have no effect upon the better educated.

jbs> for every mans sake.

How typical of your death cult to exclude women.

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