From: Fredric Rice
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 4 1998 1:12:04 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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jbs> Your hate for God is strong Freddie.....

FR> That's a curious accusation.  How can someone hate that which doesn't
FR> appear to exist?  Do you have any evidence for these gods of yours,
FR> the way?

Have any?  I continue to ask you death cultists...  why doesn't Vegr

jbs> You have taught so many to hate God even more than they would
jbs> have ever thought, to the position of not even being sure why....

FR> Do you have any evidence that I have "taught" anyone to hate gods?
FR> want names, if you would please.  I want to be sure that they remember
FR> me come Christmas time.

jbs> Matter of fact it is Christmas now as I write this and I am
jbs> sure that many will remember you.

You didn't answer the question.  Names, death cultist.  Give some names
for your accusations.  You can do that, can't you?

jbs> I had a good friend over tonight who remembered your last name
jbs> anyway.

Your claim is that I taught some people to hate gods...  well?  You
didn't lie, did you?  You're not worship;ping a god of lies, are you?

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