From: Richard Smith
To: George Jiri Opletal
Date: Oct 12 1998 8:36:52 am
Subject: What if?
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};> George Jiri Opletal wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

gjo> Could a scientific theory promising immortality,
gjo> resurrection and supposed happiness under this scheme
gjo> truely exist?  Oh yeah, I've been let loose in
gjo> Holysmoke.

c/Oh yeah,/Oh, yeah,

CJ> Oh yeah, you don't even have the screws tightened down
CJ> in your brain to even tell us what the fuck "this
CJ> scheme" is.  Some scientist you are.

gjo> I do not have any obligation to do so Curtis.

RS> Funny, that's what he always said in SKEPTIC when asked
RS> for evidence of his claims . . .
RS> He's a retard, Curtis.  Just watch the dance.

gjo> Your obviously upset.

RS> c/Your/You're

gjo> Thank you.

Always glad to help the ignorant, like yourself, out.

RS> You're obviously projecting.

And viola!  You are!

gjo> Amuses me a great deal how you always go about kissing
gjo> ass.

RS> c/Amuses/It amuses

gjo> A matter of taste.

Not in Enlgish, the lingua franca of HolySmoke.  You
stand debunked.

RS> Locked in your infantile fantasies for me sexually, you
RS> wish.

gjo>  Your kissing ass, for the allies you'll need.


Looks to me like you're afraid that people will see
through you here, George.

RS> Tell me, have you asked John yet why he's trying to get
RS> your new BBS shut down from Skeptic?

gjo> Probably because he doesn't like the echo?

So the other users or people there who DO like the echo
should just suffer?  What a humanitarian he is!  Can't
take his justly-deserved and well-earned exorcism like a
man, huh?

Give him a hint: if he goes around to the other boards
and makes a total ass of himself (i.e., if he even opens
his mouth), the other boards won't disconnect from
Skeptics, they'll disconnect him.  All he's doing is
cutting off his penis to spite his ass, assuming he has
a penis.

RS> Speaking of kissing ass: have you had him explain his
RS> statement regarding the moderator of this echo's making
RS> pornography available to children, or even having kiddie
RS> porn?

<Richard as the cause of John Warner's violations
strawman cut>

So you don't have any real answers, eh?

gjo> I merely posed a question to see what people know in
gjo> regards to this topic (and as bait, which is fairly
gjo> obvious)

RS> He has no idea, does he?

RS> Obviously not any sort of a Master Baiter.  <G>

RS> <cue Beavis imitation>

gjo> ehehe..

c/ehehe../He he he . . .

RS> Welcome back, Beavis.  I see you still have no thought in
RS> your head.

RS> Ennyn Opletal Aran Mundo
RS> pedo "fistfuck" a minno . . .
RS> Richard Smith

gjo> I just love the thought that you're an old man with kids
gjo> and still so immature to get a thrill from the above few
gjo> lines.

c/immature to/immature so as to

<and still MORE begging the question>

Tell us again how it's my fault that you and John (since
you're defending him) sent homosexual pornographic
images to my BBS for my children to find.  I'm sure you
may find someone so terminally braindead as to believe
you.  But it won't be here, or over in FN_SYSOP, where
John Warner has finally managed to turn himself into an
international laughing stock.

Dance some more for us, George.

Ennyn Warner Aran Mundo
pedo "love toy Opletal" a minno . . .

Richard Smith

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