From: Richard Smith
To: Steph Parker
Date: Sep 20 1998 10:32:46 pm
Subject: Salt
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};> Steph Parker wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

RS> Well, holy moley, Judith, it cuts it everywhere else for
RS> Steph (Jesus wasn't tortured) Parker!
sp> So, you believe that Jesus actually existed and was
sp> actually crucified?

Immaterial to the discussion of ours that you believe that
being tortured and crucified for three days was not a
horrible torturous death.  What I do or do not believe has
no bearing on whether torture followed by a three day party
(IF it was three days) like the one outlined in the Xtian
Mythos was or was not a horrible torturous death.  But try
another strawman, it may go unnoticed this time.

RS> Next thing you know, he'll trot out the Lyndon LaRouche
RS> bit about mosquitos carrying the HIV virus . . .
sp> Why else do you think that they have such little arms?

You have evidence that mosquitos have arms?  I bet you think
that grasshoppers have two hoppers and four legs as well,
huh?  <G>

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To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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