From: Richard Smith
To: Don Martin
Date: Sep 1 1998 8:35:17 pm
Subject: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
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};> Don Martin wrote in a message to David Flechard <:(

df> It isn't founded on an act of torture and slow death,
df> it's founded on the resurrection from death.
DM> In view of the absence of any credible evidence for the
DM> resurrection, and of the presence of considerable evidence
DM> for death itself, death is all that is left for the cult to
DM> practice, whatever other fantasies it may entertain.
df> I'm not sure I get your meaning. Which cult? What
df> practices of death?
DM>     At the time of my response, I imagined the cult you had
DM> in view when you asserted, "it isn't founded on an act of
DM> torture and slow death, it's founded on the resurrection
DM> from death," was Christianity, but I may have been mistaken.
DM> Did you have some other cult in mind? In any event, have you
DM> any credible evidence for the resurrection of which you
DM> speak?

I bet not.  Going to give me odds, Don?  <G>

DM> Please bear in mind the fact that millions and millions
DM> of people have believed such a thing did happen is _not_
DM> evidence for the thing actually having happened, but rather
DM> only evidence for the capacity of human beings to believe in
DM> stuff.


DM>     So far as death is concerned, I was referring to death
DM> in general, the event and sequellae of which I presume has
DM> been observed directly by most sentient people, if only
DM> those of insects. About the reality of death little doubt
DM> (and even less confusion, save yours) appears to exist.
DM>     Now, are we on the same page here?

I think you need to break it down into smaller words,
personally.  But I may be underestimating him . . .

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To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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