From: Richard Smith
Date: Sep 1 1998 7:19:42 pm
Subject: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
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};> MARTY LEIPZIG wrote in a message to DAVID FLECHARD <:(

PW> appears to be founded on an act of torture and a slow
PW> lingering death, it's deliciously ironic.
df> It isn't founded on an act of torture and slow death,
df> it's founded on the resurrection from death.
RS> . . . which couldn't have happened (if it ever did) unless
RS> there was first the act of torture and a slow lingering
RS> death.  Remove that act, and your whole religion collapses.
DF> The _mode_ of Jesus' death and what preceded it is not relevant. Every
DF> human being is subject to death. The relevance for Christianity is
DF> resurrection from the dead, not resurrection from a particular mode
DF> death. The Resurrection would have exactly the same religious or
DF> theological significance no matter how Jesus' mortal life ended.
ML>      Yeah, well, perhaps. But if Jesus was stoned to death,
ML> Catholics,      rather than having to make the sign of the
ML> cross, would have to bash      themselves upside the head
ML> with a rock.

And you'd be opposed to that?  <G>

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Richard Smith

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