From: Richard Smith
To: Steph Parker
Date: Sep 1 1998 7:05:44 pm
Subject: Steve Asher: Victimizer Bunny.
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};> Steph Parker wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

sa> Hi Styeph!
RS> I have already explained the mistake caused by my
RS> editor.
sp> And I accepted that, when your message actually arrived
sp> here.

Yet prior to that you (obviously ignoring the echolag, as
you put it) accused me of wrong-doing.  Separate standards,
eh Steph?

RS> However, Steph (Jesus' death wasn't a long painful death,
RS> and the Catholics never burnt any witches) Parker wants the
RS> strawman of thinking that an honest mistake is a dishonest
RS> intent.  FYI, here's the post in which I pointed it out to
RS> him:
sp> Please check the dates of the message I was replying to
sp> (which I replied to on the day it arrived here) and your
sp> explanation:
>> ===========================================================
>> Date : Aug 23 '98, 00:22                            Loc Scn
>> From : Richard Smith                             1:203/9046
>> To   : Steph Parker
>> Subj : FAQ! B
>> -----------------------------------------------------------
sp> Notice that you wrote on the same day that Steve Asher wrote
sp> and, as he is in the same net as I am, his message took much
sp> less time to arrive here.
sp> I take it that you have little understanding of echolag.

No more so than yourself, who was all for accusing me of
wrong-doing without finding out first.  Pot calling the
kettle black.

RS> BTW, for you folks keeping score, I checked on musk deer in
RS> the Funk and Wagnall's Wildlife Encyclopedia.  They're
RS> covered on pages 1505-6 (volume 13 -- MUD - OTT).  In there,
RS> there is no mention of male musk deers not having nads, and
RS> the book itself refers to them as "bucks."  Another bit of
RS> bullshit from Steph safely defused.
sp> Check up where and how the cosmetics industry gets its
sp> musk from (hint: muck only occurs naturally in anal
sp> gland of the muskrat and in glands on the testicles of
sp> musk deer which can be removed without instantly
sp> killing the deer and the cosmetics industry don't hund
sp> muskrats).

Hund maskrats?  WTF are you talking about now, Steph?  BTW,
musk is available from glands under the tails of both male
and female musk deer . . . glands that are definitely NOT
dependent on testes.  And though you may think that the
testes of the musk deer can be removed without killing them,
in actuallity most musk deer get their musk extracted by the
insertion of a tube into the sac and then gently squeezing
the gland itself.  Give me your source of (albeit flawed)
information; mine is Funk & Wagnall's Wildlife Encyclopedia.

And none of this detracts from the truth of my original
statement, that you contested: Beer nuts $1.29, deer nuts
under a buck.

sp> I wonder why he considers it significant that we live in
sp> the same state?
RS> Or even closer geographical significance than that.  I think
RS> we can all see why, now.  I also find it very interesting
RS> that he refuses to answer tough questions I ask him, like
RS> where Sean mentioned Wicca in his post, etc., but that he
RS> was busy trying to get mentioned so he could disparage it.
sp> See earlier in this batch of messages.

Get the hence yourself.

sp> I appologise for not explaining it fully

No need to apologise, Steph.  You're clearly unable to parse
your words correctly enough to make a truly competent

sp> and expecting you to be able to work out the
sp> relationship between a word and its older form.

Ah, are we discussing those cretins known as Xtians yet?

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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