From: Richard Smith
To: Steph Parker
Date: Sep 1 1998 7:01:13 pm
Subject: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
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};> Steph Parker wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

sa> The following web rings and sites will give insights into
sa> the pagan/wiccan death-cult concepts of Earth as Goddess
PW> I love the way that a Christian is calling pagan's
PW> "death-cultists". Considering that your entire religion
PW> appears to be founded on an act of torture and a slow
PW> lingering death, it's deliciously ironic.
sp> Hold on, Christianity is hardly founded on a slow lingering
sp> death as JC was
RS> . . . allegedly . . .
sp> only on the cross for one day when the average time of
sp> death from crucifixion was two weeks (makes you think
sp> that their 'god-son' is a bit of a weak wimp).

I note that you continue to ignore Curtis Johnson's post
showing that the actual mean time was three days, with five
being exceptional.  Of course, since you want to prove your
bit of secundum quid, you'll ignore Curtis.  <G>

RS> You don't think a day of crucifixion is a slow lingering
RS> death?  You honestly can't see the fallacy of your own
RS> words, can you?  Do I need to point out which fallacy on the
RS> big list it is?  <G>
sp> I don't consider a single day as "slow lingering" when
sp> compared to the usual length of time.

See above.

sp> BTW how would you describe standard crucifixion, you know,
sp> the type that takes about two weeks and causes death by
sp> exposure?

I note no citations, no evidence that this is so.  Got any?
Otherwise, you're unfounded, and most likely debunked.

RS> It WAS a slow and lingering death, and a torturous one at
RS> that.  And all of Xtianity is predicated on it.  No
RS> exceptions.

I note you agree here for a moment, then deny it again.
Can't have it both ways, Steph.  Your dishonesty is showing
. . .

sp> But it was much milder than the usual form of
sp> crucifixion,

Evidence . . . ?

sp> which is why the Romans chose crucifixion as their
sp> method of execution.

LOL!  Beat that strawman, Steph!  Got any evidence for its

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Richard Smith

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