From: Richard Smith
To: Steph Parker
Date: Sep 1 1998 6:35:35 pm
Subject: PA Murders
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};> Steph Parker wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

RS> It can be confusing, granted, to not know your way around
RS> the Pagani; let me put it simply: all Wiccans are witches,
RS> but not all witches are Wiccan.  All Witches are Pagan, most
RS> are Heathen, though not all Heathen are Witches.  <G>
sp> You are obviously unaware of the history of the word
sp> 'witch', let me try to educate you.
SA> (blink)  Huh?
RS> Well, to be fair, he doesn't have a scorecard here yet, so
RS> how could he know?  But, regardless . . . <bowing> thankyew,
RS> thankyew, thankyew . . .
sp> Yes, I hadn't been here long enough to realise that you had
sp> little knowledge of Old English

Based on quotes by Pat Sherman, quotes that essentially
agreed with you?  Would you like some cheese with that
whine, Steph?

sp> and prefer to get other people to do you research for
sp> you who know just as little about Old English as you do.

Evidence . . . ?

BTW, I still have no reason to trust your claims over that
of the OED.  You'll just have to learn to live with that.

sp> The Modern English word 'witch' is derived directly from
sp> the Old English word 'wicca' which referred to the
sp> priests of the Anglo-Saxon paganism. The word 'wicca' is
sp> a masculine weak-declension noun and therefore the
sp> pllural is 'wiccan' (this is why I used the word
sp> 'wiccan' which has nothing to do with any modern Pagan
sp> belief system). The witches of traditional English
sp> belief is mostly a Christian demonisation of the wiccan.
SA> Methinks he is making this up as he goes...
RS> As do I.  If not, he couldn't do much worse.
sp> So, which bit do you think that I made up?


sp> The bit that agrees with the quote you posted or the bit
sp> that agrees with the quote you posted?

So, in essence, you agree that what you posted and what I
posted agree, yet you denigrate me and the person who
happened to do the research based on nothing more than your
arbitrary feelings about how things should go?


RS> Did you catch his post where he said that the Catholics
RS> never burned witches . . .
sp> So you do believe that witchcraft is the only form of
sp> heresy?

Oh, it is a lovely strawman of yours, Steph, but please show
me where I said it?

RS> or the one where Superman lives in New York City?
sp> Actually I don't believe that Superman lives anywhere as he
sp> is a ficticious character,

The fictional character can still live in a fictional place.
That doesn't make him real, other than as a fictional
character.  Do I need to use shorter words, Steph?

sp> I just wasn't aware that the pictures that looked like
sp> New York weren't New York.

Shame you never learned to read comic books, then (it's
mentioned at least once in every Action or Superman comic
book).  Or to listen when watching either the films or the
television shows.  You'd've learned enough to not make such
a gaff about a cultural icon of the English-speaking world.
I find it hilarious that you couldn't read the comic books.

sp> So, my knowledge of modern comic book writing isn't what
sp> you think it should be, big deal.

And back atcha concerning Old English.  Or, more pointedly,
if you don't like it, I'll gladly show you what you can

Of course, what I find very amusing AND interesting is that
Pat Sherman and I didn't know all the nuances of a language
of 1500 years ago, yet you don't know how to spell some
words in your own native tongue or much about some of your
own cultural icon.

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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