From: Richard Smith
To: Steph Parker
Date: Aug 22 1998 11:16:30 pm
Subject: Salt
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};> Steph Parker wrote in a message to Dave Hamilton <:(

DH> Any idea what mosquitos eat when there are no humans?
DH> There don't seem to be that many warm-blooded animals in
DH> the forest, and those that are here have fur.
sp> I don't think that mosquitoes eat anything other than
sp> blood but, as far as I know, they aren't restricted to
sp> human blood because I have seen them happily feeding
sp> off my parents dogs, they're just much harder to find
sp> amongst the fur.

My understanding is that only female mosquitos suck blood,
and then only when they need a sure-fire protein source to
put into their eggs.  Male mosquitos live on flower nectar,
I am given to understand.

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Richard Smith

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