From: Richard Smith
To: Marty Leipzig
Date: Mar 6 1998 7:10:25 pm
Subject: Case #5 3/4
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};> Marty Leipzig wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

wp> remain in Therese's body.  Even a drop of water that may
wp> have trickled down her throat in the process of brushing
wp> her teeth was immediately ejected.  For this reason, she
CJ> How on earth could one possibly check such an
CJ> assertion?
ML> Rabies that virulent should leave traces...
RS> Unfortunately for rabies, one has to find brain
RS> matter to test.  Most fundies lack brain matter, so . . .
ML> Most react like a _Squalus_ with the brain extirpated
ML> and the neural chassis just idling along...

Idling along?  Marty, that brain has staalled!

(And thusly we witness the creation of a new term, coin in
commemoration of Lump's bastard brother [afterbirth?], who
epitomizes everything we hold dear about fundy brain
seize-ups . . . I think it very apt, myself.)

(And yes, I want it remembered that *I* coined it! <G>)

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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