From: Richard Smith
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Jan 15 1998 7:48:09 pm
Subject: What it means to be a Christian today
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};> Dave Hamilton wrote in a message to Fredric Rice <:(

jbs> Hehhehehehe   badly worded or reject it all
jbs> I understand that!!!
FR> In fact psychologists call what you typed "verbal
FR> salad."  It was not at all discernable.  Once you reword
FR> your rant into something approaching English, then I
FR> will be able to soundly debunk it for you again.
DH> The technical name for it is "clanging." Depending upon
DH> other symptoms, it is indicative of severe disorder;
DH> the other symptoms would determine which disorder.
DH> Earlier you wondered aloud how much drinking one had to
DH> do to get permanent brain damage. The answer is, "not
DH> much if you're unlucky." Some folks can get brain or
DH> liver or peripheral nerve damage with a few years of
DH> several ounces a day of hard liquor.
DH> It would be unethical for me to take a stab at a
DH> diagnosis of this goof but it's pretty safe to say he's
DH> fucked.

<Jack Nicholson voice> . . . there ya go with those
technical terms, again . . .

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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