From: Richard Smith
To: Brian Huxley
Date: Jan 9 1998 10:06:10 pm
Subject: doubting gods. Non biblical evidence?
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};> Brian Huxley wrote in a message to Martin Goldberg <:(

bh> Hi Martin,

Hey there, Brian.  Nice to see you appear here, really.

js> I have no master but my God in whom I trust He is my
js> lord and savior! The Bible says that God wants all men
js> to repent and come to the real knowledge of Him.
MG> Say still forgot to offer any
MG> nonbiblical evidence that this god of yours exists
bh> Okay. I can see the situation that is being faced here,
bh> and as a Christian myself I can offer you some tangible
bh> evidence that supports the existance of God.

Bet you can't.

bh> Do not get the wrong idea about me, I do not seek to
bh> "win another convert for the lord",

Sorry, you're already failing the duck test . . .

bh> I just want to give you some answers to a question that
bh> you have been asking.

Uh huh.

bh> You have a very clear and sound mind; apply your
bh> thinking to what I'm going to write, let me know what
bh> you think.

Oh, you'll get opinions, all right . . . I hope you'll apply
your mind to what I'm going to write as well . . .

bh> The first piece of evidence for God

Which God?

bh> is something we all see every day when we send an email,
bh> write a cheque - it is the date.  Our entire history is
bh> divided between BC & AD, that is before Christ lived, &
bh> after his birth.

Two problems with this.  The first is that it is now
generally considered to be less than accurate concerning the
alleged birth of Christ . . . said birth now considered to
be 4 BC . . . which destroys the whole AD/BC division by
it's very nature.

Second problem is that it is just an arbitrary date.  The
Xtian calendar is not the only one in existence.  The Hindus
have a calendar, which in many ways is just as much evidence
for their Deities as your calendar is for your Deity.
Following YOUR line of reasoning, then, the Anglo
Saxon/Norse Gods have to exist as well, since all of the
days of the week are named for them, and the Roman Gods have
to exist because the months are named for some of them, etc.

bh> If the Bible was fake & God just a fairy story, would
bh> such a long lasting global influence have been exherted
bh> on our calender? What is your opinion?

The Xtian calendar is also used in Gone With The Wind.  Does
that mean that Rhett Butler really existed?

bh> The second piece of evidence is that which is provided by
bh> archaeologists. I quote from "It Makes Sense", a book by a
bh> guy called Stephen Gaukroger.

<sotto voice>  . . . a _known_ fundy . . .

bh>   "We have archaeological evidence from as long ago as
bh> two thousand BC, which confirms many of the details
bh> given in the Bible - facts about the city Abraham came
bh> from; the unearthing of Soloman's military
bh> installations; inscriptions from the time of Moses; and
bh> remarkable confirmation that the Jews really did go into
bh> exile in the sixth century BC."

"We have evidence that Kansas really exists, ergo, the
Wizard of Oz must be true.  Other evidence for the Wizard
of Oz being true: chickens, farms, tornados, witches,
brooms, cairn terriers, etc.  Overwhelming proof that there
really IS a land called Oz!"

bh>    "Scholars had dismissed, for example, John's
bh> description of the pool of Bethesda in chapter 5 of his
bh> gospel as "Poetic Licence", but archae-ologists have now
bh> excavated the whole site and discovered all 5 porches
bh> and an inscription saying that the water has healing
bh> properties."

There's also archaeological evidence for the existence of
Troy, ergo, Zeus must really exist . . . and the Illiad and
the Odyssey must both be true.

bh> Donald Wiseman, professor of assyriology at London
bh> University writes

Is there such a thing as the science of being an asshole?

bh> "No fact of archaeology so far discovered contradicts
bh> the biblical record".

Untrue.  Look at the city of Tyre.  Look at Constantinople.
Both contradict the biblical record.

bh> If the biblical record is as reliable as it claims, it's
bh> worth looking into.

How many legs does a grasshopper have?

bh> I tell you now that in my opinion, the
bh> bible can stand up to any question asked of it.

Then why did it lie about the wealth of Solomon?  Why did
Jesus promise Judas a place in heaven?  Why does it attempt
to round pi down to just plain 3?

Your opinion is noted, but also please note that opinions
are like assholes . . . everyone has one, and not a few of
them stink.

bh> If there is a God,

Thor?  Zagreus?  Dianna?  Ceridwen?  What name has your

bh> and he is as powerful as the bible says he is, then he
bh> too is well able to answer any question asked of him.

And yet, It is conspicuously silent . . .

bh> I look forward to your response.

I bet.

bh> Have a nice week!!

You too.

bh> BTW, I am writing from England, where are you?

We both are writing from your ex-colony, the United States
of America.

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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