From: Richard Smith
To: Fredric Rice
Date: Dec 26 1997 5:48:01 pm
Subject: Resist the anti-Christs. . .
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};> Fredric Rice wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

FR> Funny:  I've taught "so many" to "hate" his gods and yet he
FR> some how forgot to mention any names.  <sigh>  Too bad.  I
FR> would have loved to have presented these "so many" with
FR> bills for my efforts.
RS> I thought it was supposed to be a gift from the heart?
FR> For the most part, atheists do no goods things.  At least
FR> for free.  }:-}

Funny, that's the way fundies work too . . . <G>

js> it is because you make such strong anti-christ
RS> Great.  I get to be the incubbus, and you get to be the
RS> Anti-Christ . . . and not only are you going to get a bigger
RS> take-home than I am, but your perks and benefits are greater.
FR> Ha!  As an incubbus you get all the sex you want.  As an
FR> anti-Christ I only get to fuck those who ask me to -- and
FR> that's damn few and far between.
RS> I bet Jesus gets more sex, though . . . he has at least five
RS> extra holes . . . <G>
FR> Well, with so many fundies "in him" he should have quite a
FR> few more holes than just five.

Has it occurred to anyone that the great alleged healer
Jesus Christ wasn't able to heal himself?  It DOES give
entirely new meaning to the term Hand Job . . .

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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