From: Richard Smith
To: Fredric Rice
Date: Dec 20 1997 5:25:46 pm
Subject: Resist the troll . . .
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};> Fredric Rice wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

FR> J. Shaughnessy
js> Hi again Freddie!
RS> Oh, shit . . . she's drunk AGAIN . . .
FR> I'm glad she's back.  Observe as the illiteracy rate of he
FR> postings gets ever worse as the anger and resentment
FR> approaches near fatal levels.

But that happens with so many fundies . . .

js> I have been browsing over the various messages here and
js> have only one question... for you and all the other
js> doubting god haters.
RS> Typical fundy . . . I counted three questions.  Maybe
RS> stupid fundy questions are like a three-in-one Deity?
RS> <G>
FR> I'd love to ask this guy for change for a dollar.  }:-}

Watch her count by stomping with her foot.

js> Don't you get tired of all those others that reject God,
RS> Which God do you reject Fredric?  Don't you pretty much
RS> reject them all?  Then shouldn't Joanne here have said Gods
RS> instead of God?  I mean, it's bad enough she can't remember
RS> It's name . . .
FR> First the clown demands that we hate his gods then he
FR> demands that we "reject" them.  This fundy can't even keep
FR> his accusations straight in the same post.

"Tonight, Xtian fundies produce Short Attention Span


"Thank you!"

js> I mean there are so many that have not got that same
js> level of intellect as you to hate God in your way.
RS> I've never seen someone sucked off in the echo before.
RS> Doesn't it tickle a little bit?
FR> You don't think she's coming on to me, do you?   }:-}
FR> <shudder>

Well, she did mention YOU by name . . .

js> How do you agree with them without lowering yourself
js> into a mental compromise???
RS> This from someone who would need a loaner brain <"Abby
RS> . . . something, I think"> to get such a mental
RS> compromise . . .
FR> "Wow!  Look at those knockers!"  "Thank you."

"Igore, help me with the bags."
"Certainly.  You take the blond, and I'll take the

js> Your hate for God is strong Freddie.....
RS> <sound of asthma breathing> The Force is strong in this
RS> one.
FR> <rofl!>  I'm a terror.  I really am.

Definitely the Anti-Christ, or something like that . . .

js> You have taught so many to hate God even more than they
js> would have ever thought, to the position of not even
js> being sure why....
RS> This is true.  For instance, not only do I hate Joanne's
RS> Deity mentioned here, albeit namelessly, but I also hate
RS> Injun Jim, the Queen of Hearts, the T-2000, and several
RS> other fictional characters as well . . .
FR> And that Santa Claus is a REAL bastard asshole!  I didn't
FR> get my Pentium last year, the damn fuck!

I refuse to say, this close to Yule . . . but catch me in
January . . . <G>

FR> Funny:  I've taught "so many" to "hate" his gods and yet he
FR> some how forgot to mention any names.  <sigh>  Too bad.  I
FR> would have loved to have presented these "so many" with
FR> bills for my efforts.

I thought it was supposed to be a gift from the heart?

js> it is because you make such strong anti-christ
RS> Great.  I get to be the incubbus, and you get to be the
RS> Anti-Christ . . . and not only are you going to get a bigger
RS> take-home than I am, but your perks and benefits are
RS> greater.
FR> Ha!  As an incubbus you get all the sex you want.  As an
FR> anti-Christ I only get to fuck those who ask me to -- and
FR> that's damn few and far between.

I bet Jesus gets more sex, though . . . he has at least five
extra holes . . . <G>

FR> Are you sure you wouldn't like to trade places for a while?

I'll give it some thought.

RS> Next time, YOU pick up the tab for dinner . . .
FR> We'll go to a Jewish resturaunt -- they'll all mine, you
FR> see.

At least our Fake Identity Xtian seems to think so . . .

js> P.S.  Oh I heard wHOLY Bible crashed!!!    :)
RS> Now THERE'S a shame . . .
FR> Yes, everyone really learned a lot about Christianity from
FR> observing Steve Winter.

It would appear that there are worse mental conditions than
rabies . . .

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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