From: Richard Smith
To: Fredric Rice
Date: Dec 15 1997 6:24:48 pm
Subject: Resist the troll . . .
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};> J. Shaughnessy wrote in a message to Fredrick Rice <:(

js> Hi again Freddie!

Oh, shit . . . she's drunk AGAIN . . .

js> I have been browsing over the various messages here and
js> have only one question... for you and all the other
js> doubting god haters.

Typical fundy . . . I counted three questions.  Maybe stupid
fundy questions are like a three-in-one Deity?  <G>

js> Don't you get tired of all those others that reject God,

Which God do you reject Fredric?  Don't you pretty much
reject them all?  Then shouldn't Joanne here have said Gods
instead of God?  I mean, it's bad enough she can't remember
It's name . . .

js> just like you, but say it in such stupid ways???

<sound of asthma breathing> Luke, I am your father . . .
come over to the dark side . . .

js> I mean there are so many that have not got that same
js> level of intellect as you to hate God in your way.

I've never seen someone sucked off in the echo before.
Doesn't it tickle a little bit?

js> How do you agree with them without lowering yourself
js> into a mental compromise???

This from someone who would need a loaner brain <"Abby . . .
something, I think"> to get such a mental compromise . . .

js> Your hate for God is strong Freddie.....

<sound of asthma breathing> The Force is strong in this one.

js> You have taught so many to hate God even more than they
js> would have ever thought, to the position of not even
js> being sure why....

This is true.  For instance, not only do I hate Joanne's
Deity mentioned here, albeit namelessly, but I also hate
Injun Jim, the Queen of Hearts, the T-2000, and several
other fictional characters as well . . .

js> it is because you make such strong anti-christ

Great.  I get to be the incubbus, and you get to be the
Anti-Christ . . . and not only are you going to get a bigger
take-home than I am, but your perks and benefits are

Next time, YOU pick up the tab for dinner . . .

js> statements...I would suppose that is something others
js> can look up too...

Ayup.  If we look down, we see slime cultures like Joanne
here . . .

js> But you know they could never have that same intensity
js> as you!

<asthmatic breathing> Why resist, Luke?  The Dark Side is
strong within you!

js> But again how do you stand dealing with those that hate

. . . or rather, ignore . . .

js> God say it in such stupid ways???

*sniff*  *sniff*  Either there's a litterbox on overload, or
someone's panty-liner needs changing . . .

js> Keep in touch!

Stay touched in the head, Joanne!

js> P.S.  Oh I heard wHOLY Bible crashed!!!    :)

Now THERE'S a shame . . .

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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