From: Richard Smith
To: Caroline Evans
Date: Oct 17 1997 10:21:07 pm
Subject: Inquiry
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};> Caroline Evans wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(

RS> That reminds me . . . can anyone here recommend a really
RS> GOOD mail reader (QWK, preferably) for Windows 3.1 or 95?
RS> Someone gave me a copy of Microsoft Bookshelf, and I like
RS> the reference books there, so I'd like to try utilizing them
RS> in my mail readings . . . <G>
CE>     I've been using UniQWK v4.4 and it seems like a pretty
CE> darn good  OLR. Used to use Bluewave on my Tandy1000 8088
CE> machine which I only  switched away from a couple of months
CE> ago. UniQWK doesn't seem to be  able to read bluewave
CE> packets... but bluewave reads qwk packets.

Yep.  All I need is a QWK reader . . .

CE>     Haven't used or seen any kind of mixed internet mail and
CE> BBS mail  utilities but I haven't needed to or tried... I
CE> get my fidonet from a  traditional dialup BBS and my Inet
CE> Email from AOL, OceanStateFreenet   and from a local
CE> provider called as well as my dialup  BBS's Inet
CE> email utility.

Thanx for the recommendation.  I'll look for it to try out.

CE>     UniQWK is shareware $40 to register with a timer that
CE> shuts you  down after a month or so if you don't register.

Ah, okay.

BTW, as a former (and still hobbyist) close-up magician, I
truly enjoyed your post on stage magic.  You were dead on
about people insisting on the supernatural part of the
equation.  I'd laugh so hard sometimes . . .

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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