From: Mr. Smartass Richard Smith
To: Mr. Smartass Preston Simpson
Date: Oct 6 1997 5:43:03 pm
Subject: New Member of the Club!
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};> Mr. Smartass Preston Simpson wrote in a message to <:(
}:> Mr. Smartass Fredric Rice <:(

MSRS> Welcome to the club, Curtis!  On behalf of myself and our
MSRS> other co-member, Mr. Smartass Fredric Rice, I want to
MSRS> welcome you to the Mr. Smartass Your Name Here Club.
ps> Hey! When do I get to be a Mr. Smartass?
MRFR> You already are, Preston.    }:-}
MSPS> <grin> But I haven't been officially granted the title yet.
MSPS> Am I a Mr. Smartass Emeritus, or is that reserved for
MSPS> Leipzig?

By now, you know that you have officially made the grade.
As for the Emeritus, we haven't had the yearly voting for
that position yet.  You may certainly nominate Dr. Leipzig
if you wish . . . <G>

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Mr. Smartass Richard Smith

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