From: Mr. Smartass Richard Smith
To: All Smartasses
Date: Oct 5 1997 11:24:53 am
Subject: cults
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};> Karl Schneider wrote in a message to J.J. Hitt <:(

JV> What book are you talking about? The bible is NOT a
JV> history of the church.
JH> I don't know about you, but I was greatly disappointed
JH> when I found out the Book of Acts wasn't a sex manual.
KS> I think that's covered in the Letter to the
KS> Dalmatians...

LOL!  What do you say, fellow members . . . how do we vote
on Karl as a Smartass?

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Mr. Smartass Richard Smith

... PS: Lest it be said that I am impartial or unfair, I must
...     point out the true Smartassitude of Mr. Hitt as well,
...     who has always been a mentor AFAIC for the true
...     calling.  Though he has yet to ask for membership
...     (which is at least one requirement for membership,
...     either that or be suggested by a current member),
...     we should still keep him in mind if he should ever do
...     so.
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