From: Richard Smith
To: Alan Presley
Date: Sep 26 1997 7:06:41 pm
Subject: cults
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};> Alan Presley wrote in a message to Joseph Voigt <:(

ap> Wrong, buddy.  the Roman Catholic Church didn't come
ap> into the picture until the 4th or 5th century.
ap> Christianity was here in the 1st.  In the bible, I just
ap> see Christians.  I don't see Roman Catholics.
JV> In the bible you don't see ANY religious organizations,
JV> fucknut.  Your nondenominational church is not in the
JV> bible, nor are any protestant churches. The bible ends
JV> on the Isle of Patmos in apprx 90 AD, dumbshit. See my
JV> prior message.  The first christian communities were
JV> called catholic (universal) churches.  Get over it you
JV> debunked shit.  The catholic church did not originate in
JV> the 4th or 5th centuries.
ap> The churches were not called universal churches.

You're such a lying piece of shit, you racist bit of
ruptured sperm!  The word `Catholic' MEANS `Universal!'
Look it up, dipshit!

ap> They were all independent.


ap> Read the book before you tell me what it says.  I have
ap> read it.

Then why are you messing up, pud-puller?

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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