From: Richard Smith
To: Alan Presley
Date: Sep 22 1997 5:23:49 pm
Subject: cults
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};> Alan Presley wrote in a message to Preston Simpson <:(

ap> Wrong, Christianity has enlightened me.

Doesn't look that way from here, Bigot.

ap> I fit weren't for Christianity or God... Who really
ap> cares???  If there was no hope in

Clue time, Alan: NOBODY cares for you.  Your imaginary
superfriend is nice and all for your delusion, but It isn't
real, unless you can present some evidence for It being

PS> You're right, of course. If it weren't for Christianity
PS> or God, then what would be the point, right?
PS> If it weren't for Christianity, no one would ever have
PS> been tortured or burned at the stake as a heretic. No
PS> one who recanted their heresy would have been
PS> strangled, so as to keep them from relapsing. No one
PS> would have been tortured because someone else thought
PS> that God had given them the right to do so. No one
PS> would have been tortured until they converted to
PS> Christianity. None of these things would have happened,
PS> and what's the use of calling yourself civilized if
PS> there isn't a long history of senseless bloodshed and
PS> violence?
ap> That stuff would have happened regaurdless.

Why?  Because fundies are murdering genocidal scumbags
innately?  If Xtianity hadn't happened, the crimes of
Xtianity wouldn't have happened.  Period.  I note that you
ignore, in true Xtian fashion, all the points that Preston
has made about your history.

ap> The Roman Catholic Church, is not christianity,

It sure is.  It IS the source from which all modern Xtianity
descends.  If it hadn't been for Catholicism, there'd be no
Xtianity today.

ap> just peganism with a Christian name.

Aren't your eyes a lovely shade of brown . . .

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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