From: Richard Smith
To: God Dan
Date: Feb 16 1998 6:46:22 am
Subject: Case #5
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. . . on 02-14-98  19:31 William Putnam muttered to God Dan
about CASE #5 saying . . .

wp> Bye bye, Judith,
wp> I will not reply to your posts with
wp> that kind of profanity!
GD> What kind of profanity will you reply to?
wp> All you have seen me fail to respond to.

I've read that two line exchange several times, and it STILL
doesn't make sense to me . . . how about you?

wp> You will also note that I will eventually
wp> fail to respond to posts that are frivolous,
wp> nonsensical, and generally a put-down and
wp> ad hominin in nature.
wp> Regards,

In other words, he'll use just about any excuse to duck out
on posts that ask questions he can't answer, and is merely
lying about the why and wherefore . . .

Not a surprize, is it?  Who'd have thought we could control
William that easily?  <G>

Helping  \/tian
To Stop  /\tortion

Richard Smith

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